How could it happen that more than a dozen of the most prestigious scientific associations signed and submitted this letter on ‘climate change’ without having ensured that the used terminology is sufficiently defined. Read the rest of the entry
The UNFCCC does not define ‘climate’ at all, while
WMO says: 'climate' is average weather.
This website will provide information and ask, does science know what climate is?

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How Spitsbergen Heats the World
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Pindar (C. 522-C. 438 B.C.), Olympian Odes


Water is the best of all things.



Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)


Water is the driver of nature



Johann - Wolfgang  v. Goethe , 1749-1832, “Italian Voyage”, 1787


Until one has experienced the sea around one,
One has no idea of world and its relation to the world




Johann-Wolfgang  v. Goethe, (1749-1832; ); From the drama Faust II, (Thales).


Everything comes from water.
Everything is maintained through water.
Ocean, give us your eternal power.



European Union; 2007, Communication on „An Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union”. Related documents: COM (2007)574 final


We are at the crossroad in our relationship with the oceans.



Essay 2010
Is the term ‚climate’ too unspecific?
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Essays from 1992 to 1997 on CLIMATE
by Dr. Arnd Bernaerts
“Legal Means for Understanding the Marine and climatic Change Issue”,
p.24 presented at the 28th Annual Conf. of the Law of the Sea Institute, Honolulu

“Conditions for the protection of the global climate”,
p.53 presented at GKSS Research Center Geesthacht


Black Sea-Model Case
--Paper, p.53
--Conf-Paper, p. 6


Four short texts
1994 Moscow

1994 LOS

1993 LOS

1992 Nature

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